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About Us

mymentalspace is not 'anti-Internet' — we're about raising awareness of how the Internet is affecting everyday life.

We are not trying to eliminate your use of favorite sites — that would be calling ourselves 'internet superhighway hypocrites' (creating a Web site to limit usage of other Web sites) — strives to challenge you to be your own 'Web site big brother' — knowing — and evaluating what you are doing being aware of your own mentalspace and the "files" in it.

The M-Y in mymentalspace says it all. You should be in control of what's in your mentalspace. We intend to provide data about your own Internet behaviors to help you manage and empower your own mentalspace.



What is the mentalspace manager?

The mentalspace manager,
a free plugin for your web-browser, provides Internet users with a way to manage their mentalspace.

With a click of the button the mentalspace manager loads and provides you simply 3 options.

View Mentalspace Manager Video

Why use mymentalspace?

Recently, people have started to question the negative affects the Internet can have on our emotion, mood and overall health.

Here are a few examples of what the Mentalspace Manager can help with.

Time Wasted

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Homework
  • Time with Family

Techno Brain Burnout

Over Exposure to the Internet can lead to "Techno-Brain-Burnout" resulting in:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Impaired Cognition


Research on cyberbullying has found that students involved are more likely to:

  • Be unwilling to attend school
  • Receive poor grades
  • Have lower self-esteem
  • Have more health problems

What is a mentalspace?

Think of your mentalspace as the hard drive of your mind. It stores, retrieves, and alters the all the data around you. Your mentalspace is broken into the following spaces:

  • Relationship Health: Are you in a healthy relationship?
  • Mental Health: How often are you anxious or depressed?
  • Social Health: Are you happy with work or school?
  • Physical Health: What are your diet and exercise patterns like?
  • Gratitude Health: What are you grateful for?

The internet is constantly seeking the attention of your mentalspace.

Have you ever thought about how your emotion and mood are effected by what you do online? For example:

  • Do you notice a change in your mood after viewing a facebook profile of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?
  • Does time spent online interfere with your happiness?

Our Research Team is interested in better understanding these questions.


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