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Let's get to know mymentalspace

This is The Mentalspace Manager

Clicking on the mymentalspace plugin button will direct you to the mentalspace manager. Here you'll be able to control your digital life.

The Mentalspace Manager plugin button will appear in the toolbar of your web browser (upper right for chrome—upper left for firefox). Click on the button before you start browsing the web to manage your time online.

Timerset how long you wish to be online. when your time expires, you can set more time or block the website.
Blockblock websites from your computer and receive positive images, quotes or videos
Mood By adjusting your mood daily, you can see how your internet affects your emotion & mood

Set your Mentalspace Admin

Enter the email address of a person to help manage your requests to unblock websites. They will receive an email asking them to help manager your time online and sign up for a free account. You can edit or remove your Mentalspace Admin whenever you want.


Check out the most popular sites people are spending time at.

This page shows trending sites that people have visited the most. It also shows how many times the site has been blocked. Use the filters to see trends across age, gender, and other parts of the country.


See which sites YOU are currently blocking.

Click on the history link to see sites you've previously blocked. Hover over the question mark to see "why" you’ve blocked this site. The "occurrences" column counts the number of times you've tried to visit a site when it's blocked.


Manage requests to unblock sites.

Hover over the "?" to see the reason why people are requesting to unblock a site. You can also manage "mentalspace admin" requests of your friends and family. They need your help managing their time online. Requests can be managed through email as well.