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Internet Use Continuum

Above (Chart): Created by observational studies from the mentalspace research team; depicts different levels of "non-productive" Internet use.

How much time is too much time spent online? How do certain web sites effect emotion and mood? The mentalspace team wants to better understand these questions and help prevent techno-brain-burnout.

Today's digital natives, a term coined to describe people in their teens and 20's, have never known a world without computers, 24-hour news, and a need to constantly be connect to the Internet. Research indicates that in some cases, digital natives expose their brains to eight and a half hours of digital and video sensory stimulation per day

Experts in psychology have shown this type of exposure can lead to techno-brain-burnout, a type of disorder that can impair cognition, lead to fatigue, and often exhibit symptoms of depression. A generation masked by digital fog could create an epidemic of techno-brain-burnout resulting in harmful effects of one's mentalspace.